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You can never have too many plants!

The Chef’s EcoWall Garden™ comes in a variety of different layouts to suit your space and needs. Whether the installation is free-floating or built into cabinetry, the Chef’s EcoWall Garden™ can be blended into your space seamlessly. Our different layout options allow you to determine the size of your own personal, designer garden.

Select from one of our standard layouts or create your own Chef’s EcoWall Garden™. Your installation can easily grow vertically with the addition of one of our planting module (comprised of a hydroponic shelf and a background panel) or grow in length by installing several systems side by side. You can even create a custom layout where hydroponic shelves are irregularly placed on your wall. You decide!


Wall Mounted | Floating

The Windsor Series attaches directly to the wall and creates a floating installation. This layout is clean and streamlined employing designer floating shelves, departing heavily from the standard storage rack appearance of other products. This is truly a framed piece of art that just so happens to grow all your favorite edible plants! This layout minimizes the required storage by locating the irrigation components in an off-site location (behind the adjoining wall or the floor below). There’s no need for a base cabinet, just direct access to your herbs!



Clean and Sleek or Fun and Interactive? What’s Your Style?

The Chef’s EcoWall Garden™ comes in three standard facade finishes: gloss white, matte black/chalkboard, and stainless steel. The architectural shelves are made out of high-quality, powder-coated steel or stainless steel to provide long lasting durability and high-end style. The façade panels are also easily removable providing you the ability to change them out whenever you get the urge to redecorate. The powder coated steel is also magnetic so you can post you’re weekly recipes or children’s artwork right on the façade.

Not seeing your favorite color or finish? Not a problem. The Chef’s EcoWall Garden™ can be fully customized and we offer over 150 different colors and finishes to make that happen. Whether you’re interested in having the installation blend in with your décor or add a pop of color, a facade finish can be selected that best suits your style!

Metal Finshes



Modern or Rustic Flair?

The Chef’s EcoWall Garden™ background options allow you to really express your design aesthetic. The removable and interchangeable backgrounds come in two distinct finishes: metal and wood. Each finish offers selections ranging over a diverse color pallet to integrate into any decor. If you desire a clean or neutral pallet, select a metal finish. If you want a warm or rustic installation, select from one of the wonderful wood finishes. If you decide to update or change out the background, you can easily unclip the background panel from the mounting brackets and install a new background for a completely new look. It’s that easy!

Please check in for updates on new and innovative background options.

Metal Finishes
Wood Finishes