EcoWalls to participate in the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show


It is our pleasure to exhibit at the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show as a partner with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Moda Botanica.  This year EcoWalls will be taking living landscapes to new heights at the Flower Show.

EcoWalls will be creating a stunning living wall as a major design element for the PHS Cities Harvest Program Display.  A major focus of the PHS exhibit is to demonstrate unique and innovative urban farming techniques for city homes and gardens.  As part of the exhibit, the EcoWall will incorporating and assortment of aromatic herbs and colorful annuals as a functional living piece of artwork for the vertical fragrance garden.

With a tropical Hawaiian theme for the Philadelphia Flower Show, the show wouldn’t be complete without our tropical living walls! EcoWalls will present a slice of Hawaiian paradise with four living walls adorned with cascading ferns and verdant tropical foliage as part of the Moda Botanica Exhibit.
The 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show “Hawaii Islands of Aloha” is presented from March 4th-March 11th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.