The EcoWall Living Classroom



From design to the life sciences, nature teaches us about how the world around us works. The EcoWall® Living Classroom is a laboratory for learning – offering exposure to academic lessons such as plant physiology, ecology, air and water chemistry, the nitrogen cycle, and natural interactions between plants and animals.

By incorporating flora and fauna into an aquaponic system, students will learn how fish provide nutrients for plants, while plants and microbes clean the water for fish; ultimately creating a self-sustaining ecosystem and gaining a fundamental understanding about the mutual relationships that exists between plants and animals. The EcoWall® Living Classroom provides students with an engaging educational tool which promotes sustainability and stewardship, while offering hands-on exposure to the natural environment without having to set foot outside of the classroom.



The EcoWall® Living Classroom Includes:
    • Freestanding wall frame with casters & wall mounting brackets
    • EcoWall Planting Panels
    • Inorganic Growing Substrate
    • Acrylic/Glass Aquarium
    • Canister Filter/Aquarium Filtration
    • In-line Pump, Filter, and Irrigation Equipment
    • Powder-Coated Frame (standard colors black, white, gray, and steel or custom options available)