The EcoWall Mobile


The EcoWall® Mobile Living Wall offers the same benefits as our mounted EcoWall® system but is an excellent design solution for spaces where fastening directly to an existing structure is not an option. The flexibility of the EcoWall® Mobile allows our clients the opportunity to incorporate a living wall as a permanent addition to a space or as a temporary installation for private events, galas, public art, seasonal displays, or trade shows. Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term engagement, EcoWalls® has a stunning solution for a memorable centerpiece, backdrop, or living wall divider for you and your guests.

The free-standing living wall’s caster system promotes exceptional maneuverability within its surroundings and creates limitless floor plan options that can be catered to suit any desired decor. EcoWalls® currently offers a two panel and four panel model and diverse framing options that can be oriented side-by-side in any combination to create a custom sized vertical garden. The EcoWall inorganic planting substrate is pre-punched for ease in planting standard 4” plant material.

Our EcoWall® Mobile System comes packaged and includes the following components:
  • Freestanding wall frame with casters & wall mounting brackets
  • EcoWall Planting Panels
  • Inorganic Growing Substrate
  • Stainless Recirculating Drip Tray
  • In-line Pump, Filter, and Irrigation Equipment
  • Powder-Coated Frame (standard colors black, white, gray, and steel or custom options available)

*** Grow Light Features are available as an add-on feature

EcoWalls® also offers living architecture for delivery from our greenhouse for local events and permanent displays. Please CONTACT US for pricing and further information.