Our Leadership

Michael A. Coraggio, CEO and Founding Principal

Michael A. Coraggio, founded EcoWalls in 2008 and is an acting President and Design Principal of EcoWalls. Michael maintains over twelve years of experience in the fields of horticulture, landscape architecture, and ecologic design.

Michael received a degree in Landscape Architecture from Rutgers University. His field experience includes site master planning for commercial, mixed-use, and residential applications, horticultural management, habitat design, and leadership in the development of numerous vertical landscapes including projects with Walt Disney World, Atlantis, Rutgers University, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Subaru, Moody Gardens, the Philadelphia Flower Show, and many others.

Michael is particularly focused in environmental stewardship and site sustainability which have had a major influence on his product designs, plant selection, and project leadership. He has found that successful vertical landscapes implementation combines a thorough understanding of the site and thoughtful plant selection with a collaborative design approach between the Owner, project designers, construction team, and maintenance plan to ensure long-term success.

Ryan M. Burrows,COO and Founding Principal

Ryan M. Burrows founded EcoWalls in 2008 and is the Vice President and a Founding Design Principal. Ryan Burrows maintains extensive knowledge of the natural environment as well as environmental design.

Ryan received his B.A in Biology from Drew University and Masters in Ecology and Evolution from Rutgers University. His dissertation work included research on amphibian toxicology, the impact that pesticides have on the natural environment, and how plants could be used mitigate the harmful effects of contaminants on wildlife. Ryan’s background in environmental remediation manifested an interest in green walls and how vertical landscapes might be used as valuable tools to purify water, air, and offer other benefits. His research experience has define the materials used to develop the EcoWalls family of products and have allowed the company to become technically focused on how to fully exploit the environmental benefits and resource efficiency of vertical landscapes through sound design and building system integration.

Corey J. Burrows, Project Manager

As the Executive Project Manager of EcoWalls, Corey’s focus is to facilitate collaborative project coordination between the Owner, design team, and site construction.

Corey holds a degree from the School of Architecture at NJIT. During his tenure in the field of architecture, Corey’s work has been multi-focused and consisted of multi-family, mixed-use, site rehabilitation, retail, restaurants and various other commercial projects. Corey joined EcoWalls in 2011 where he gained practical field experience with green wall site design, implementation, and maintenance.

Corey’s technical background in architecture combined with his extensive knowledge of vertical landscapes design and construction procedures allows Corey to effectively communicate with design professionals to ensure site requirements are acknowledged, project design is cohesive, and our construction procedures are seamless and sustainable.