Our Products


With years of research behind its products, EcoWalls® materials, methodology, and focus are to offer a series of options for incorporating sustainable agricultural design into urban environments and vertical spaces where conventional landscapes are not possible. We recognize that while the concept of living architecture is universal, their applications and use may differ considerably between industries. Consequently, we do not take a “one size fits all” approach to our vertical landscapes. EcoWalls® has a number of product offerings which address the specific needs for living architecture in several different market segments.

An EcoWall® installation is meant to be personalized. We will walk you through every step of the design process and select the perfect plant pallet, site fabrications, framing surround finishes, and lighting options. Whether your interest is in a small or large, interior or exterior installation, the addition of an EcoWall® will enhance your space both aesthetically and functionally.


What are Living Walls?

Green walls come in many shapes and sizes. Here at EcoWalls we specialize solely in hydroponic living walls. So what exactly is a living wall you may ask? Living walls incorporate a vertical growing support matrix that allows plants to be rooted anywhere on a building’s wall surface versus a green façade that trains vines to grow up a trellis or support system. Nature has been perfecting the art of living walls since the dawn of mankind. Epiphytic plants have shown that soil is not an essential requirement to grow. The vertical landscape provides an untapped environment that can be exploited both in nature and in the built environment.

We employ the same concept into our designs by creating man-made structures in which plant material will flourish. Our system is comprised of a soilless growing media that allows us to practice hydroponic techniques (growing plants in a nutrient solution). By employing an innovative hydroponic design, we are able to better manage our system’s nutrients and offer the flexibility to expand into various water reuse applications.