Living EcoWall Advantage

Living Wall Specialists

EcoWalls specializes solely in vertical landscapes. Our business directives are focused on creating sustainable living architecture.

Knowledge and Experience

Often a company is either focused on manufacturing or design. We like to do both. Our products have been crafted with years of hands-on experience. This offers the best of both worlds as the product has been designed to meet the needs of scalability while at the same time providing a user friendly format and function. Additionally, working with EcoWalls provides you with invaluable horticultural, design, and research knowledge.

Regionally Sourced and Manufactured

EcoWalls is not only a US based operation but all of the materials incorporated in its products are sourced locally as well. We try to minimalize our carbon footprint wherever possible while supporting local business and organizations.

Sustainable Design

Our approach to sustainability focuses on incorporating post-consumer recycled materials into a product designed for long term viability. The EcoWall® system utilizes our own proprietary blend of inorganic, soilless media that is both light weight and long lived. Unlike soil-based living wall products, our media will not degrade or break down, ultimately creating an ideal environment to sustain lush and healthy plant growth.

System Integration Ability

The EcoWalls® inert, soilless design extends our product’s functionality into applications including aquaponics, water purification, water reuse systems, biodiversity gardens, and urban farming.

Planted On or Off-Site

Most products require a 8-12 weeks grow out time prior to installation in order for plants to root into their growing media. Our product can be pre-grown in our greenhouses previous to the installation or can be planted on-site. This flexibility allows us to cater to the client’s schedule and provide instant relief with a lush living wall.

Resource Conservation

The EcoWall® Living Wall System’s inorganic growth medium maintains the optimum balance of water to oxygen. When compared with other products, the EcoWall® Living Wall System locks in more moisture and nutrients and drastically reduces the amount of resources required to promote plant growth.

Reduced Maintenance

Unlike some living wall systems which require hefty maintenance plans and numerous monthly site visits, our system was designed with sustainability in mind. We make fewer site visits post-installation, compared to our competitors, lowering your overall costs. We work with our clients to develop a maintenance plan that makes sense, ensuring that your living wall will look healthy and vibrant for many years.