Living EcoWall


EcoWalls® has developed a modular hydroponic planting panel, aptly named the EcoWall®, to respond to the current need for sustainable living architecture. We employ sustainability in our vertical landscapes through thoughtful product design and careful material selection reducing the amount of resources and maintenance required to support healthy plant growth.

The EcoWall® planting panel is the building block of our living wall system and includes:

Recyclable LDPE Shell (with post consumer recycled plastic): The product’s modular design includes built-in tongue and groove mechanisms, allowing panels easily fasten together and create a seamless tapestry of plants. Male and female inserts, located at the top and base of each panel, contain water transfer within the system and eliminate any dripping on walls and plant material.

Inorganic Planting Substrate: EcoWalls® employs proprietary blend of scientifically-formulated inorganic substrate in our living wall system. The EcoWall® Planting Substrate replaces messy soil-based mixes which can settle and decompose with a light-weight alternative material developed specifically for our living walls. Unlike felts which require consistent watering and constant monitoring, the EcoWall® substrate locks in moisture, maintaining an optimum ratio oxygen and nutrient solution, ultimately reducing the amount of resources and maintenance required to support healthy plant growth. Additionally, the EcoWall design is not limited to tiny cubbies or grids, so roots can migrate throughout all 9 sq ft of growth medium, preventing the roots from compacting with time and extending the life of the system drastically.

Automatic Irrigation and Controls: An automated irrigation system is woven through the panels, providing calculated amounts of nutrients and water to the plants. Irrigation systems are site specific and may require varying degrees of maintenance and building integration. EcoWalls® offers options for open loop (non-recirculating) and closed loop (recirculating) irrigation applications and our design professionals will work with you to create a custom system that suits your needs and objectives.

Wall Mounting System: Our EcoWall® panels readily fasten to a building façade and other vertical structures with a series of wall mounting brackets. Simply fasten the Stainless Steel J Brackets to the walls structural support (wood studs, metal studs, concrete, etc.), hang the EcoWall® panels onto the wall brackets, and slide the panels together.

*** Construction details are available upon request.  Please CONTACT US for more information.


The Process