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EcoWalls employs a multifaceted approach for successful site integration. We personally walk each of customers and their design teams through site requirements, framing finishes, and lighting options, while tailoring a custom planting design to achieve specific aesthetic and functional design goals for each space.


The EcoWall
Living Wall Panel

The EcoWall® is a modular, hydroponic, vertical plant panel serving as the building block for our living walls.  Our patented panel combines a lightweight, proprietary blend of soilless media with a precision-based nutrient delivery system; creating optimal conditions to sustain healthy, long-term plant growth. The EcoWall modules affix to the wall via a J-bracket cleat system and fasten together to create a lush and seamless tapestry of plants.

Product Specifications:

  • Standard panel measures 35 3/4" L x 35 1/2" H x 5" W = 8.89 ft2
  • Dry Wgt: 29 lbs/panel ; Saturated Wgt: 78 lbs/panel
  • Wall Load Bearing Capacity: min. 15 lbs/ft2

product highlights


The EcoWall® Living Wall System’s inorganic growth medium maintains the optimum balance of water to oxygen. Unlike other systems which rely on soil which will eventually settle and decompose, our media will not degrade over time.

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When compared with other products, the EcoWall® Living Wall System locks the precise amount of moisture and nutrients. Our water-efficient design substantially reduces the amount of resources required to promote healthy plant growth.


The modular nature of the EcoWall® panel allows from ease in construction. The panel design includes built-in tongue and grove mechanisms on its sides as well as male and female inserts at the top and base.

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The EcoWall® panels fasten together and contain water transfer within the system, eliminating the potential for leaks. We also offer continued flexibility in the fabrication process. Our panels can be customized to accommodate project specific lengths and heights, travel around corner or even curvature. When installed, panels connect to make a monolith of vegetated space.


The EcoWall® system was created with sustainable design principles as the foundation. Our scientifically formulated blend of inorganic growing medium, coupled with precision-based irrigation technology creates ideal conditions for long-term, healthy plant growth.

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Unlike other systems which confine plants to their pots or small “cubby” spaces, the EcoWall panel encourages free-root migration throughout. This allows plants to properly grow, mature, and achieve their full life expectancy.


The EcoWall® panel allows for full flexibility in plant placement and accommodates a diverse array of 4” finished plants as well as 6” specimens. The plants are not confined to containers and directly planted into the EcoWall® System.

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With instantaneous relief and freedom in positioning plants, the design options are virtually limitless.


Our living walls incorporate a state-of-the-art self-automated irrigation system with micro drip irrigation technology woven into each EcoWall® panel. Our precision-based irrigation allows plant material access to ideal levels of water and nutrients while eliminating waste.

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Furthermore, we offer options open loop (non-recirculating) as well as closed loop (recirculating) which is virtually 100% water efficient in design – a perfect solution for LEED and Living Building Challenge, and other green building applications.


The EcoWall® System is at the cutting edge of irrigation technology. Our living walls offer options to integrate 24-7 remote monitoring capabilities. This technology allows for adjustment of irrigation sequencing, so we can adapt irrigation duration and target specific plants as your living wall matures.

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Additionally, we receive real-time reports which can detect changes or interruptions in utilities; allowing us to mitigate these problems and prevent damage to plants.

A Turn-Key
Installation Process.

At EcoWalls, the art of design is personal, starting with careful planning, thoughtful product design, flawless construction, and ending with a comprehensive maintenance plan.



Living wall layout, plant selection, utility coordination and product fabrication are drafted as shop drawings.


Living Wall Fabrication

Living wall panels are assembled and fabricated to specification. Framing and drip trays are coordinated.


Panel Planting

Living walls are panels for local projects are erected in the greenhouse and are planted. Panels are given 6-8 weeks to grow out in the greenhouse for a fully established living wall upon installation.


Site Preparation

The general contractor will coordinate all site requirements for the living wall (wall support/plywood/waterproofing, plumbing, electrical, custom framing, supplemental lighting, etc.) prior to the living wall installation.


J-Channel/Framing Installation


Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation is the life support of the living wall. Irrigation supply lines are broken into zones to administer a precise volume of water to particular sections of the living wall.


Panel Installation



Sit back and enjoy your new living wall!


Routine Maintenance

Our Allied Professionals will take care of the rest and maintain your living wall on a routine schedule.


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